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Exploring the Data

Module 2

This module is focused on showing users how to explore their data using two of the main features within

  • ClearQuery - Automated Insights and Data Exploration.
  • Automated Insights provides immediate analysis of the user’s imported data. The data is analyzed by ClearQuery in real time during the upload process and then displayed (via intuitive charts or graphs) using interesting categorical or numerical comparisons.
  • Data Exploration allows users to manually explore their dataset via filters and keyword search, exploring each field within the raw record itself. 


This Walkthrough video is broken out as tasks below. Feel free to follow along or complete the tasks on your own to get comfortable with uploading a dataset.

Task 1

Review charts and graphs provided within Automated Insights. Sometimes the exact chart you want to add to a dashboard or display in a presentation has been preconfigured for you:



Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 12.01.18 PM


Task 2

Drill into a chart to create a filter:

Note: this can be done by clicking a bar within a bar chart, a wedge of a pie chart, etc...


Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 12.01.46 PM


Task 3

Save a chart: click the save icon, give the chart a name and assign ownership rights - click "Create."

Step 1:

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 1.04.16 PM

Step 2:

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 1.01.44 PM

Step 3:

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 1.00.56 PM


Task 4

Navigate to Data Exploration:

Step 1:

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 1.10.15 PM


Task 5

View a record by clicking the “+” symbol next to one of the rows. 

Step 1:

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 1.10.43 PM


Task 6

Get comfortable with the provided fields within the dataset. This will help you understand what data is available within the dataset you are working in and what fields you can reference  when using Ask ClearQuery. (which is Module 3 of the Training):

Step 1:

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 1.17.31 PM


Task 7

Apply a few filters or search for a keyword to start drilling into the dataset.

Note: ClearQuery's Keyword Search is case sensitive.

Step: 1

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 1.11.59 PM


Task 8

Pin those filters in place:

Step 1:

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 1.13.05 PM


Task 9
Navigate back to Automated Insights to view the subsection of data in graphical form.
Step: 1

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 1.13.40 PM

Step 2:

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 1.21.52 PM


Task 10

Click into the "Number of Records" field at the top left of a chart to manipulate the view. Being comfortable with the various ways you can adjust the the charts is key to optimizing the chart's view for Dashboards and Insights Canvas. (Module 4 of this Training)


Step 1:

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 1.25.02 PM


Step 2:

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 1.25.32 PM


Task 11

Practice saving another chart. Saved charts will be useful to have in subsequent training modules.

Step 1:

Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 1.04.16 PM


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